Is diana taurasi dating anyone

If you are a close spectator of women basketball then you certainly would know about Diana Taurasi.

She is among those few names in the elite of women basketball.

READ MORE: * Same-sex marriage debate in Australia gets another run * Australia's referendum on gay marriage killed off by Senate * Same-sex couples flocking to New Zealand to tie the knot * Aussie couple elope to NZ Last weekend the pair got married in Phoenix, Arizona.

In America and many other Western countries they are a married couple but in Australia they are not.

But spend enough time in the sport and you would eventually hear about it.

Taylor said her family and friends knew about her relationship from its early stages and she had received nothing but "love and affection" since her marriage was made public."As much as we are private about our lives, our family and friends have known since the beginning and always super supportive and that's what matters to us the most," Taylor said."I feel like I am someone who has done my country proud and I should be treated exactly the same as everyone else."One issue Australian basketball fans have discussed is whether any future Taylor children would play as Americans or Australians."That's easy.

While asked about if she is dating boyfriend she came up with her usual sense of humor.

Diana has successfully kept all the details to herself regarding past affairs or dating. Diana Taurasi holds an impressive stats to her name in her Basketball career.

She has won three time WNBA title with Pheonix Mercury.

Also, she was named WNBA most valuable player in 2009.

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