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After the initial success of The Osmonds in 1970, Marie's older brother Donny was gaining success as a solo artist on the Pop Music charts and was becoming a teen idol.

The Osmonds' management convinced Marie to try her hand as well.

Aside from her two eldest brothers (who are deaf), Marie was soon the only family member not involved in the music business.Donny revealed that outside of work, they don’t actually spend much time together.He said “Last week I went over to her house in Green Valley and hung out for a little while,” he continued, “It’s beautiful.Despite the demanding schedule, the two proved that hard work and dedication pays off and their commitment allowed them to become huge stars.It is often frustrating when people spell your name incorrectly, but it is even worse when you’re an international superstar and your name is plastered everywhere, there isn’t much of an excuse.

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