Is mike sorrentino still dating paula

"Holy s--t, you're going to be a dad," Pauly, voice of the audience, says. Yes, Ronnie and Pauly D have both procreated and we have to live with that fact. Pauly no doubt ponders this while he packs a luggage worth of hair gel.Regardless, the two aren't sure whether the Ronnie coming to Miami will be Dad! (Photo Credit: MTV) Insert picturesque beachy shots of the girls pulling up to a gorgeous villa as snow piles up outside my carpeted railroad-style apartment. Mike needs to stay in Jersey for a make-or-break court date though, so Ronnie and Pauly roll up shortly thereafter.More than 11 years after Britney Spears and Kevin Federline called it quits, they are still at each other's throats — and it's all because of their kids! The reality star finds out the beauty pageant she's been preparing for...Is Megyn Kelly's future on the Today show at risk? Rachel Bilson wishes Eddie Cibrian would exercise his right to remain silent on and off the set of their new buddy-cop series, Take Two. Since she and Prince Harry, 33, announced their engagement in November, Prince Charles — who bankrolls both his children and their... Chad Johnson claimed that he once denied Becca Kufrin's advances. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are now officially engaged, but he doesn't want the 21-year-old model reminiscing about past times with her ex, Shawn Mendes. Pinching pennies clearly isn't Meghan Markle's strong suit.

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Anyway, Ronnie thinks Sam shouldn't have to worry, because — dun dun dun — he is having a baby with someone else.He and his girlfriend, fur-shrug wearing Jen Harley are expecting their first child together and he looks so gobsmacked at the prospect of a pregnancy photo shoot. Truly, he is the tortured stepdad of this whole franchise.She might as well have told him she put arsenic in his protein powder. Snooki also leaves to steal the Duck Phone, who will be filling in for Sammi Sweetheart this season.In the world of pro wrestling, they call this a "swerve." Just weeks after calling off their wedding, John Cena and Nikki Bella’s nuptials are back on — and they’re not going to look anything like... "Who woulda thought," he quips, AND NO ONE, NO ONE THOUGHT THIS WOULD HAPPEN. Uncle Gabady-Goop still hasn't learned his English. (Photo Credit: MTV) Deena drives Snooki and JWoww to the Shore as they bicker about their boob jobs.

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