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If you do, you run the risk becoming a slave to the APIs and hitting a wall when the APIs fail you.

java SAXComment Reader This should be a four digit year like "1999", not a two-digit year like "99" The publisher is actually Polygram but I needed an example of a general entity reference. Transformer Factory Impl returns SAXTransformer Factory objects from Transformer Instance(). Transformer Factory Impl supports the new XMLFilter() methods.

In practice, only transforming document nodes is truly reliable.

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Don't let some API get in the way of your understanding of XML systems at the document level.

The Infoset is the unfortunate standard to which those in retreat from the radical and most useful implications of well-formedness have rallied.

At its core the Infoset insists that there is 'more' to XML than the straightforward syntax of well-formedness.

By imposing its canonical semantics the Infoset obviates the infinite other semantic outcomes which might be elaborated in particular unique circumstances from an instance of well-formed XML 1.0 syntax.

The question we should be asking is not whether the Infoset has chosen the correct canonical semantics, but whether the syntactic possibilities of XML 1.0 should be curtailed in this way at all.

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