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But I particularly enjoy hearing my songs on the radio, and these days pop radio is playing much more urban ...

So there’s a lot more gratification in writing a song for an artist like Jo Jo that radio embraces." Based on this revelation, Steinberg and Alexander decided that they would be writing more pop-R&B songs upon hearing feedback from listeners complimenting them that "'Too Little Too Late' is more of a real song and not just a record." Numerous mixes have been produced since the track's release in July 2006.

A Spanish version of the song was released on select non-US editions of The High Road.

Musically, Jo Jo identified "Too Little Too Late" as a pop song into which R&B elements had been incorporated using various harmonies and chord progressions, "but still kept it rock in the hook when it explodes." According to Max Goldberg of Complex, the break up song narrates "The story of a fed-up Jo Jo curbing some guy who wasn't up to snuff", with the artist taking a different approach to dealing with teenage heartbreak that does not involve crying about the situation to her mother.

A power ballad, "Too Little Too Late" is a pop and R&B breakup song about a girl who struggles about dealing with her first love as she refuses to reconcile with her ex-boyfriend despite his efforts to convince her.

Its composition and theme about an unsuccessful relationship have drawn comparisons to Jo Jo's 2004 debut single, "Leave (Get Out)" from her previous debut album.

Alexander began writing the song on his own before being joined by Steinberg, a veteran songwriter, and Cunningham, a new singer-songwriter at the time who had just recently moved to the United States from Ireland, to complete it.

A remix of this song is featured on the dance video game Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party.

Commercially, the song proved to be an international success, reaching the top-six in six countries in addition to the United States.

When "Too Little Too Late" rose from number 66 to number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it broke singer Mariah Carey's record for the largest jump to a top-three spot in the chart's history, which Carey had previously achieved with her 2001 single "Loverboy".

Crowning the song one of the best 10 "Feel-Good Break-Up Songs" in 2007, Slice contributor Nicolle Weeks joke that nothing is "more humbling than a twerpy 15-year-old who can concisely summarize the way I feel about my stunted relationship", citing "Boy you know all the right things to say (You know it's just too little too late)" as the track's best lyric.

It might have baffled Jo Jo at the time as well, yet you’d never be able to tell from her delivery ...

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