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The Sys ML requirement diagram provides a visual approach in representing and managing system requirements.

In a requirement diagram, requirements are shown as blocks, with connectors in between, illustrating the derivation, dependency and grouping of requirements.

This example shows how to update the existing record of mysql table using jdbc connectivity in the jsp page.

jsp code database updating-75

The application saves the book and shows the list, as shown below: In this list, you can click on the Edit and Delete hyperlinks to edit and delete a specific book.you have to just pass the parameters in the method and rest of work you can do the method , I mean if you have only parameter then pass other one as empty and in the java method you can actually create the query having one where condition.say method( param1,param2) Something like above pseudocode..The requirement diagram tool allows you to define your own requirement types, with user-defined properties and appearance, and to produce a list of requirement to Excel for external manipulation.Import the file back for updating Parametric Diagram is a restricted form of internal block diagram that shows only the use of constraint blocks along with the properties they constrain within a context.

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