Juanita jordan dating

"She felt she could not get Michael's attention or cooperation or response without the retention of a legal representative." They had been dating since mid-1985 and Juanita thought they'd be planning a wedding by now. She was not the least bit indecisive." Vanoy hired Minton that warm Midwestern summer day, and directed the lawyer to pursue a paternity suit against the most famous and revered athlete in Chicago -- and soon, the world.Jordan had proposed to her the preceding New Year's Eve at a fancy downtown restaurant, but then things stalled. Indeed, anyone who knows Juanita Jordan will tell you that she has never been intimidated by Michael Jordan, never blinded by the basketball legend's money and fame -- and that she always knew where she stood in the game.23 mentoring Woods in the art of destroying a family.Jordan and Juanita first divorced in 2002, citing "irreconcilable differences," but, reconciled shortly thereafter.

The famously competitive Jordan, dethroned divorce settlement behemoths Neil Diamond and Harrison Ford when he handed almost 0M over to Juanita, one of the most expensive such settlements in celebrity divorce history.On July 11, 1988, a well-dressed and determined young woman walked into the spacious downtown offices of one of Chicago's toughest and better-known domestic lawyers.Juanita Vanoy had been meticulously attorney-shopping for weeks.But the divorce filing has sparked renewed interest, and this week's supermarket tabloids are filled with sensational stories.Jordan, 38, has spent his entire career trying to protect his clean image and lucrative endorsements.

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