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I made the mistake of falling down the rabbit hole after reading this article and OMG this chick is legit insane.

I can see some of the behavior (especially with boyfriends) in your early twenties - but when you're 37 and still going psycho on every guy you date - there's a problem.

is battling Bob Corker in what some pros think is the toughest Senate race in the nation, the Republicans have been trying to smear Ford for a ski weekend ‘fling’ with Julia Allison (formerly Baugher), then a Georgetown University sophomore.Although Sony used Allison in an ad campaign that started a year ago, she has since been eclipsed by commercials featuring Justin Timberlake and Peyton Manning.My original point regarding Sony and Allison remains, however: In general, corporations like their celebrity endorsers to behave conservatively, even in their personal lives.Somebody at the National Republican Committee thought the Julia story could add to the GOP’s smear campaign which portrays Ford as a high liver, attending parties with beauties, who actually wore lingerie in his company.And they started putting out stuff under headlines like: Ford’s “Fancy Fling” with the opening: “Find out how much Congressmen Harold Ford, Jr.

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