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“You don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t matter,” she said of Alicia’s new take on romance post-Will. (Speaking of Alicia’s suitors, Finn and Johnny, Margulies hoped for some between-the-sheets action. all of us are like, ‘Robert,’” Margulies said, miming reading a script. It’s a combination of factors, including business and creative.

“[When] she finds the next person, she’s not going to waste time and [she will] let Peter go. “Stay tuned,” she hinted.) RELATED: 'Good Wife' Scoop: Ed Asner to Play 'Disgusting' Role! Every time there’s something kinky in the script, you’ll know who wrote it Margulies revealed that every time the crew and cast get the script, if there’s a kinky or particularly raunchy situation or line of dialogue, they all know the culprit. “[CBS hasn’t] asked yet, but the difficulty we have is we’re micromanagers.

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It was clear that many of the fans in attendance at the Dolby Theatre were still grieving over the loss of Will. It was Margulies who played a key role in securing Charles for that pivotal 15-episode arc to close out Will’s story.

“Otherwise we’re going to see you go on the elevator and we’ll never see you again!

“The audience goes through the stages of grief.” Added Baranski: “It speaks to the truth of what we do [as actors]…

"[George] is truly one of the most awesome human beings I've ever met… We're sure Julianna's dig was all in the name of good fun, especially since she laced it with so many compliments, but we wonder whether old Georgie Boy was amused!?

Archie Panjabi’s season-ending departure is the elephant in the room Surprisingly Panjabi’s exit from at the end of the season wasn’t a topic of discussion, but Czuchry at least made mention of it, promising “closure” for Kalinda with Cary, Alicia and Diane.

Apparently some fans didn’t get the memo when Czuchry mentioned Panjabi’s impending departure, with some audible gasps heard throughout the theater.

"They told me, 'Something you have to remember is that you don't own your children, you can only guide them," Margulies said. Margulies said she has already congratulated her former co-star and his wife, Amal, on the impending births of their twins. "You need to let children breathe and discover who they are, to make mistakes and learn from them," she said.

Julianna Margulies played nurse Carol Hathaway alongside George Clooney as Dr. Margulies said she thinks that so often, parenting is "a reflection of yourself, so there's sort of this micromanaging anxiety to it." She added, "I find myself constantly saying, 'Did you say thank you? ' and all I can really do is lead by example and say 'please' and 'thank you' myself." The New York City resident said she was relieved recently to see that her example is working. "And now that he is nine, he'll argue my own argument back to me now.

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