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Here, you can post questions on the forums and chat, in real time, with other members. Membership helps with our cost to run the best moderated private training community on the internet. If you join and decide to troll, spam, or argue across the site, your account will be canceled and you will lose your . Together the community will remain advocates for truth, proper training, respectful behavior, and of most of all... Cancellation can be done with one click inside the member's area and any respectful member of the community that does not like the site can request a hassle-free refund within 60 days of joining. Don’t deny it: 98% of the time when you’re walking your dog around your favorite neighborhood park, you’re secretly daydreaming about getting your leash tangled with that cute dog walker comin’ your way.

Symptoms of infection may include nausea, vomiting, aches, fever, and diarrhea, and may lead to most serious issues such as meningitis and abortion.

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This site is mostly filled with free information that can be useful for any dog owner or organization.

Registration allows users a safe place to store training information at various privacy levels for their own dogs and have access to a community of helpful dog trainers and dog owners.

Profiles, albums, groups, and friendships can be formed in our member's area.

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