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My salient point is technology is a tool, not a replacement for an authentic tête-à-tête and interrelationship bonding in the real rather than virtual world.Trust me I am married and have traveled from Asia, Europe with years of dating experience.Go to the beaches from Gokarna to Varkala or open air markets or just on the street, to meet girls in person. Meet them at parties or introductions from friends.Once you have rapport and they trust you, chat them up using a chat app of their choice.Girls numbers for friendship posted online – Platonic first – Romantic if you can win her The purpose of this post is to give you some ideas one way or another to get Indian girls mobile numbers for friendship.If you really want to try to find out where and how here are some ideas.

I drove Uber and talked to many Indian girls and they really want to find love.

For example, I could not get a date with my wife for a year after I met her. Just do not tell her you love her or you want to date her. Learn to subtlety wrap you words in a text that contains specific references to your situation and hers, and describe it poetically and if you can reference classical Hindu text even better.

For example do not text her you want to see her again.

You cannot buy happiness, but you can log in to Whatspeak- that kind of a same thing, Sign in to connect everybody everywhere, Don't just speak - Whatspeak it. Truely, Whatspeak is your real friend which provides you multi utility messaging, chatting, click to call, get mobile number, video calling, and many more facilities.

I am married but very lonely lady seeking a caring and romantic man to take care of me.

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