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In my experience the available women in KC are under 23 or over 45.Many more people in their 30's are married here than on the coasts.

Because I own a business and my clients are all remote, job market is a minimal concern (though from my understanding it's pretty strong in KC).

A 50/50 ratio is fine with me since, hate to brag, I think I have a lot of market value for a guy my age (in great shape, decent looking, highly educated, career, no kids).

So, because I like to make decisions based on data rather than intuition, I created a POF profile in KC to do some market research.

In Kansas City, it's more traditional in belief systems and more Bible-based. I think Weaubleau's explanation above is pretty accurate having lived in both cities. I'm aware that few places aside from NYC, SF, LA and maybe a couple others can match Florida in the sheer number of people who remain single into their 30s and beyond.

In fact, I was born in Seattle and raised in Edmonds, 15 miles north. What none of this explains, though, is the fact that I have reached out to several dozen KC women who *are* single -- that's why they are on POF -- and have gotten a frigid response.

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