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Here are some random facts about Scott: Jobs held factory worker (making lead soldiers! My book So Yesterday has been translated into Slovene.

) substitute teacher textbook editor software designer ghost writer Six Interesting Facts 1.

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Plot Summary: Prince Aleksander wants nothing but to be just like his father the smart, thoughtful, and peacekeeping Arch Duke.

Information about the Author: According to his website, Scott Westerfield was born on May 5, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. The Leviathan Trilogy is his latest trilogy and I am sure there are more on the way!

Keith Westerfield currently has a therapy practice New York, New York.

Keith Westerfield is licensed to provide medical treatment under their counseling credentials, PH. Anyone with questions, inquiries, or therapy needs pertaining to should contact them directly at their New York location in New York.

Critical Evaluation: Scott Westerfield has written a cleaver alternate reality where machines and science will determine the fate of the world.

I am very new to the Steampunk genre and I have to admit that's its pretty darn cool!

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