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As individuals and companies struggle to compete in an increasingly technological economy, General Assembly provides award-winning, dynamic training to close the global skills gap. Notes: Attended: Public Speaking Bootcamp The class was very helpful. The instructor has amazing energy and made me feel like everything can get better and I felt safe in the class. Having worked on several projects, the breakthrough role of Kristen Bell came in 2004 when she was signed for the lead role of Veronica Mars in the television series with the same name.Since the end of Veronica Mars in 2007, she has gone on to appear in several more TV shows so far out of which Heroes, Unsupervised, Parks and Recreation, and Gossip Girl (voice) are is the most noticeable ones.: Il valore riportato nella colonna "Voto" è la media dei voti ottenuti.Per assegnare il vostro voto, utilizzate la pagina dedicata ad ogni scena, dando un giudizio da 1 (il peggiore) a 10 (il migliore).The couple now has been married since October 2013 and have two daughters together. To bring you the best content on our sites and applications, Meredith partners with third party advertisers to serve digital ads, including personalized digital ads.

Along with acting, Bell has also ventured into music industry by recording singles for the Soundtrack of film Frozen.

The American actress and singer, Kristen Bell was born on July 18, 1980.

She started her career as an actress in 2001 with Broadway The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and later entered in both film as well as television industry.

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