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As soon as acting newcomer Kenny Wormald heard that they were looking for an unknown for the lead role of Ren Mac Cormack in co-writer/director Craig Brewer’s take on the 1984 classic Footloose, he did everything he could to insure that … Kenny Wormald stars as the city kid who moves to conservative Midwestern town and once there, he ends up leading the repressed teenagers into a rebellion against the town …

I understand the allure of musicals, but the general idea behind a film with dancing as its selling point has always left me on the outside. Paramount has released a new trailer for the remake of the 1984 Kevin Bacon movie Footloose.

Starring Kenny Wormald, Julianne Hough, Dennis Quaid, Ray Mc Kinnon, and Andie Mac Dowell, …

Some new images from Craig Brewer’s (Hustle & Flow) upcoming remake of Footloose have appeared online.

Featuring some nifty dance moves and a “Debbie Downer” turn from Dennis Quaid, the film looks to have plenty of style and …

News is moving slowly today so you know what that means: a lone new image from director Craig Brewer’s (Black Snake Moan) Footloose remake gets its own story.

"I think that the one that everyone is questioning and wondering if it's still the same or if it's still in the film is the almighty Angry Dance.

"As a dancer, I think y'know, I did a lot of the stuff in the film and you didn't have to use choreography, a stunt double, excuse me a dance double, and you know I was totally psyched for the opportunity and I didn't care who was onboard before," Wormald insisted.

Below are Lori Singer and Kevin Bacon (back to camera) in the 1984 original. As Justin Timberlake’s “Like I Love You’’ envelops the humid studio, the roughly 70 teens and young adults are doing their best to resemble the tune’s twitching beats and angular phrasing, following an elaborate set of steps from a guy who knows something about translating music into movement.

Wormald, a Stoughton native, has been dancing at this school since he was 6, when his father brought him in late to class in a baseball uniform.

So you know, I was very aware of what he did and how he did it but I was also lucky enough to have [director] Craig [Brewer] with me kind of experiencing things of my own with the character." Now, it'll be up to audiences to decide whether Wormald is the new Kevin Bacon, or a million degrees away.

We’ve got a few casting stories to share this evening.

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