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Depending on vendor, end-of-life may differ from end of service life, which has the added distinction that a vendor of systems or software will no longer provide maintenance, troubleshooting or other support.

Such software which is abandoned service-wise by the original developers is also called abandonware.

Different lifetime examples include toys from fast food chains (weeks or months), mobile phones (3 years) and cars (10 years). For hardware with an expected lifetime of 10 years after production ends, the support includes spare parts, technical support and service.

Spare-part lifetimes are price-driven due to increasing production costs: when the parts can no longer be supplied through a high-volume production site (often closed when series production ends), the cost increases.

A detailed Migration Guide will be available on the Gemalto Service Portal on 15 February 2016.

Software produced after that date may not work for it.

For example, Microsoft's product Office 2007 (released November 30, 2006), is not installable on Windows Millennium or any prior versions.

As an integral part of our strategic vision to provide world class data protection products, we have elected to focus our efforts on our core competencies, and on meeting the demands of our customers.

We remain dedicated to ensuring that our customers’ data is secure, wherever it resides, and to supporting their needs throughout the data and product lifecycles.

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