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The action increased the hatred of the Vichy regime for Britain but convinced the world that the British would fight on alone against Nazi Germany and its allies.The Vichy government held Oran during World War II until its capture by the Allies in late 1942, during Operation Torch.On October 24, 1870, with the French dominance, Algerian Jews were given French citizenship with the Cremieux Decree.

A mob attacked pied-noir neighborhoods and massacred thousands of Europeans in Oran; This triggered a larger exodus of Europeans to France, which was already underway.Pedro Garcerán de Borja, Grand Master of the Order of Montesa, was captain of Oran when, on July 14, 1568, John of Austria (the illegitimate son of Charles I and paternal half-brother of King Philip II), led a flotilla of 33 galleys against the Algerians.sending them to be resettled in either Nice, or Livorno.‎, Wahrān; Berber language: ⵡⴻⵂⵔⴰⵏ, Wehran) is a major coastal city located in the north-west of Algeria.It is considered the second most important city of Algeria after the capital Algiers, due to its commercial, industrial, and cultural importance. The total population of the city was 759,645 in 2008, The word derives from the Berber root hr, meaning lion (see also Tahert and Souk Ahras).

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