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Ocean-Ã¥ngare: (Swed.) ocean-going steamboat, steamer, steamship. Oceanic Settlements: eastern Pacific French islands, including Tahiti, Society Islands, etc.; 1880: French colonial issues, 1882, June: overprint for Tahiti on French Colonial issues, 1892: stamps first issued, 1958: renamed French Polynesia. Ocean Letter (OL): letter sent by radio to seafarers by Germany, England and Denmark in the early 1900s. One exception was a British office in Weihaiwei, which remained open until 1930. Panagra: Pan American-Grace Airways, overprint on various stamps of South American countries. Pan-American Exposition: poster stamp advertising areas thought to be part of the Pan-American organization. postage stamps issued for the 1901 Pan-American Exposition, on sale from May 1 through Oct. Parker's Express Company: parcel delivery firm serviced Mid-western states; used labels, 1865? Northern Italy,1545; currency: 100 centesimi = 1 lira 1545: Italian state established, 1852, June 1: No.1, 5 centesimi black on yellow, imperforate stamps issued for Duchy of Parma, 1853: newspaper tax stamps issued, 1859, Aug.: provisional government; stamps of Sardinia used, 1860, March 18: became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia, 1862: became part of the Kingdom of Italy. Par Poste Aerienne: inscription for "Via Air Mail" on etiquettes of Switzerland. Particular: overprint on official stamps of Nicaragua to validate for ordinary use. Partido em Dois: (Port.) bisected; stamp cut in half which is valid for postage at half the face value of the original stamp. PCCR: Pacific Confederation of City Republics; cinderella PCE: Used Stamp on Piece PCFT: Pacific Confederation of Federal Territories P. P.c.p.: progressive color proofs PC Postage: postage purchased and printed using personal computers and the Internet. Pierre and Miquelon overprint on stamps of French Colonies. Peace: common design on stamps of the British Commonwealth of Nations, 1945. Peary Land: North Pole Post issue, cinderella Peck & Co.: local delivery service, Newark, N. Peak (P): part of the serpentine die cut that protrudes from the side of a stamp; it alternates with a corresponding "valley" or inward curve, to form a serpentine shape; peak and valley are abbreviated as P and V.

Oceanie: inscription for French Oceania, 1892-1958. Ocean postage: Great Britain Penny Postage cutouts from envelopes during the 1850's. O C / P letter bomb inspected: Office of Communications, State Department, Washington, DC marking issued during 2002 letter bomb inspection. Offices Abroad, Morocco: The British were operating offices there well after the end of WW II. Panalpina Ltd.: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971. 4: first inscription "Republica de Panama," 1915: first postage due stamp, 1921, Feb.: U. forces intervene in clash with Costa Rica, 1929, Feb. Panama Canal Int-Ocean: inscription on label supposedly sold, 1880s, for mail on ships going through the canal. Pan-American Postal Union: 1890; agreement made by countries in North and South America, except Canada and the European colonies, to charge domestic rates of postage for mail to other countries in the Union. 31, 1901; the 1¢, 2¢ and 4¢ stamps were printed with inverted centers. Par L'Etat: (Fr.) By the State; overprint on Belgium 1912 issues; Railway Parcel validation from a private line (le Compagnie du Nord Belge) to the State-owned rail system. Partido en dos: (Sp.) bisected; stamp cut in half that is valid for postage at half the face value of the original stamp. PCS Post: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971. 2: (Fr.) Payé Ã destination see Paid to Destination. Peace and Commerce: design of French stamps issued in 1876 that depict theseated figures of "peace" and "Commerce," engraved by E. Peal de Becerro: local post, Spanish Civil War, Republican,1937. Pécule: savings plan for contract workers; French Colonies revenue inscription Pécule de Guerre: mustering plan (soldiers') pay; French Colonies revenue inscription Pécule Travailleurs: imported workers savings; French Colonies revenue inscription Pedone: (It.) foot messenger. Pegasus Postal Service: United Kingdom postal strike; local post 1971.

Okupace jihoafricky: (Czech.) South African occupation. Paket: (Ger., Swed.) parcel Paketaufgabezettel: (Ger.) a two piece label, with larger part affixed to the parcel, smaller part affixed to accompanying letter, used by the Prussian post office in 1854. 31: post office closed; see China; Indo-China, French Offices. 1947: official stamps of India, overprinted "Pakistan," 1948: first definitives, 1948, Aug. Palatinate: region of Germany west of the River Rhine, 1947-49: part of the French Zone of Occupation inscribed Rhineland-Pfalz; see Rhineland Pfalz. 15: first official stamp, could also be used by the general public, 1994, Oct. Palid: (Rom.) pale (as referencing the color of a postage stamp). Papir, Pruhovany: (Czech.) laid paper, striped paper. Papir, SilketrÃ¥d: (Dan., Nor.) paper imbedded with a silk thread.. Parcel marking: some post offices have used a different parcel post handstamp than one used for letters. in 1917 on all mail sent by parcel post with postage exceeding 25¢ ; the tax was levied at the rate of 1¢ for each 25¢ above the first 25¢, which was paid by affixing a revenue stamp along with the postage.

Officially flown: covers flown with postal authorization. state March 1, 1803; taken from part of Northwest Territory; "Enabling Act" passed Nov. 1: superseded by the two new colonies, Protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria, 1914: amalgamated as Crown Colony of Nigeria; see Nigeria. Ojen: city in Spain, local post, Spanish Civil War Nationalist,1937. 3: papier (Dut., Fr., Ger.); carta (It.); papel (Sp.)Paper crease: aka crease, crease that developed during the printing process. Paper-maker's watermark: watermark appearing as initials, design, device or name of the manufacturer of the paper. Papier mélangé de fils de soie: (Fr.) granite paper. Originally used because holograms could not be printed easily on the envelope; last used in 1996 for the Save Our Environment issue. Patent cancel: devices that permanently defaced the stamp to prevent fraudulent reuse. C.: oval handstamps for Boise and Salt Lake City Express, 1863. Pembroke & Tennby Railway: Wales railway local post.

2: inscription on stamps of Mexico for State of Oaxaca revenue issue during civil war, 1913-16, printed on back of post office receipt forms. Butler, BEP employees initials, 1906-1928; see Plate Finisher, Siderographer. B.: Official Business overprint on stamps of the Philippines. 2: abstempelung (Ger.); Oblitération (Fr.); Annullamento (It.); Matasellado (Sp.). Oblitération rond avec date: (Fr.) circular date stamp. 1: No.1, 1 centime lilac-blue, first stamps, Obock overprint on back of French Colonial issue, postage due stamp, 1902: Obock and Somali Coast protectorate combined under name of French Somali Coast; name Somali Coast Protectorate adopted on stamps of Djibouti; see Afars and Issas, Benadir, Djibouti, Oltre Giuba, Italian East Africa, Italian Somaliland. Obvert: a picture or header on the stamp sheet that is on the opposite side than then usual or normal sheet. OC-CO: letters in the four corners of a San Marino essay, 1864, for M. Occupacion de Pascua: inscription on stamps of Chile for semi-postal for Easter Island. OD: 1: Scott Catalog number prefix for Official Department (Argentina). Oesterr Post Liechtenstein: Liechtenstein, Austrian Postal Administration, 1912-20. Oeuvres de Solidarite Fran'aise: French Colonies general issue. PÃ¥lydende V¦rdi: (Dan.) nominal value, face value. Par Exprès Dépêches: (Fr.) express mail, expedited delivery. Paris Postal Conference: forerunner: see General Postal Union, Universal Postal Union.

_#9: occupation overprint on stamps of Russia for Batum. E: occupation overprint on stamps of Russia for Batum. Oblitération de complaisance: (Fr.) canceled to order, stamps canceled by postal authorities without having been used for postage. Oblitération de premier jour: (Fr.) first day cancel Oblitération en barres: (Fr.) barred cancel; with stripes. Obliterator: hand or machine stamp used to cancel an adhesive. Oblitéré: (Fr.) canceled, used, a stamp that has been employed for the postal or revenue service for it was issued. Occupation Fran'aise: (Fr.) overprint on stamps of Hungary, French Occupation, 1919, see Arad. OETA: Occupied Enemy Territory Administration; World War II organization to administer occupied territories, used stamps of Great Britain overprinted M. Oeuvres Sociales: with cross and surtax, overprint on St. OF Castellorisco: Occupation Fran'aise, overprint on stamps of France for occupation of Castellorizo, 1915. S.) (Nor.) inscription on stamps of Norway, official use. Oferta: (Inicial) (Sp.): first, or opening bid at an auction. PÃ¥lydende verdi: (Nor.) nominal value, face value (of stamps). Paris: 1: local provisional, France, 1944 2: local post, l'Agencie Lorin, 1871 3: local post, Moreau's Post, 1871Paris 1937: with no colony name, France Paris International Exposition: common design on stamps of the French Community of Nations, 1937.

Official reprint: stamps reprinted at a later date by the original issuing entity from the original plates. S.: On His Exalted Majesty's Service, overprint on stamps of Egypt for official use, 1922-23. 31: convention states' stamps no longer valid, 1951, Jan.1: overprint on stamps of British India for use to any point in British India. Penalty For Private Use 0: government business mail, to be sent by government officials without postage prepayment; see Penalty Envelope. Malaysia, 1948, Dec.1: No.1, 10¢ purple, "Malaya Penang" inscription, 1965, Nov.

Official seal: a label, in stamp form, issued by the Post Office to seal mail and parcel post that has opened in transit or that may have been opened for postal inspection of contents. Patmo(s): Dodecanese island, Aegean Sea 1912-pre: used stamps of Turkey, 1912: No.1, 2 centesimi orange brown, overprint "Patmos " on stamps of Italy, 1916: first stamps without overprints, 1920: Turkey ceded group to Italy, 1922: overprint changed to "Patmo," 1943, Sep.: became part of Greece, 1943: reoccupied by German forces, 1945: liberated by Allied forces, 1945, June 18: stamps of Britain overprinted "M. F." (Middle East Forces), when islands transferred to Greece, 1947, Mar. Penang: island off west side of Malay Peninsula; Malaya; 1854-67: stamps of India used, 1867: stamps of Straits Settlements used, 1942: issued under Japanese occupation; "Dai Nippon 2602 Penang" (Japanese Postal Service 1942) and Japanese characters in oval circle, 1945: stamps of B. 15: used designs of Johore, inscribed Pulau Pinang, on stamps of Malaya; see Pulau Pinang.

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