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The staff and food and activities are top-notch, and you don't need to carry a wallet anywhere (which is good when you are naked).Stay on the nude side for the full experience (and to be closer to the hot tub). So what happens behind that door is between you and the maids. Relaxed environment and vibe for all ages, shapes and sizes. The resort was well maintained, had a newly renovated room that was also vey nice.We loved it when it was dumpy - but the resort has recently gotten a great upgrade, and it looks amazing now.The best thing was everyone getting to be their self and be comfortable. Come here with an open mind, let go of ALL of your inhibitions, and get wild and crazy for a week! The resort was dead the entire week we stayed, they even chose to shut down the main buffet for several of the nights due to a lack of clientele.

The food is very good, the rooms are just fine for the little time you should be spending there and the beache..." I would say that the only thing about this place that isn’t 5 star would be the rooms. The staff was great, the pools were nice, and the beach was my favorite. Do not come here if you are boring, risk-averse, or the jealous type.I am wondering IF I were to choose the "prude" side, does that mean that I can't go over to the "nude" side if the mood hits me?I don't want to sign up for one and find out once I'm there that I want to change my mind or at least mix it up a bit. There are no restrictions as to what you wear (or don't wear) on either side of the resort, but you may feel out of place if you are fully dressed on the nude side.When the parties left, there was a clear difference in age range. When we return, I will definitely ensure she is available before booking my flight. Your all-inclusive vacation in Jamaica at the Franklyn D.

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