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Pushkar festival is not about camels only but it is also about horses, cows, goats, sheep and most importantly about the lively people of Rajasthan, who come to the Pushkar fair in their best attires.The festival looks like a riot of colors with men wearing colourful turbans and women in pleated ghagaras (ankle-length skirts) of different hues.Jasmin Live Hot webcams on live, check out amazing live sex shows by following the link below to the orginal and famous Live Jasmin website!

For more photos like this MY SITE subirbasak..... All rights reserved."" Click "L" for larger version. from Ajmer(RAJASTAN, INDIA) comes alive during Puskar Fair, when people from all over Rajasthan converge at Pushkar with their cattle stock.

Camel beauty contest is another highlight of the festival.

The beautifully decked up camels are paraded and then the most beautiful camel is selected.

I spent two nights in Bac Ha to get a predawn start before the throngs of bus tour groups from Sapa showed up. Text and photo copyright by ©Sam Antonio Photography Facebook | Google | Twitter | Pinterest | Photography Blog | Travel Photography Gallery Are you still single?

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