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Magic is truly grand on that scale."Harry relaxed a little more on his chair, his gaze focused on something distant."I guess you could say I was faced with a dilemma, old bean," he said, focusing on Snape once more. After Scrimgeour died and Percy Weasley took over the Ministry, things became much worse.

His laws sent us hundreds of wizards who had been formerly left alone. Luna Lovegood-Atkins, whose only crime had been to marry a muggle.

The island has become a paradise, truly magnificent.

Who else could have thought of combining an Incendio spell with healing and time slow charms?He's still smoking and setting the bedding on fire."Harry chuckled, then he looked intently at Snape. Because Voldemort was a half blood, the stupid wizards were lashing out at all muggle born and half bloods. So I brought Hermione home, and started casting protective wards around my island."He puffed silently on his pipe for a moment. "Before I put the Fidelius charm on the island, I was attacked by Ministry Aurors who wanted to arrest me.It had to the the stupidest thing the Ministry's ever done. Then he removed the pipe from his mouth and stabbed the stem in Snape's direction. I mean, she was supposed to end up with Ron and I was supposed to end up with Ginny. Hermione and I had always loved each other, though we tried hard to keep things platonic between us. I had been away from the island when they attacked and away from the charm hiding us."I pulled all my money from Gringotts and converted it muggle money. "No, I bought an island in the Bahamas, called Norman's Cay. Then, slowly and fairly, we pushed the muggles off the island, buying up their land and businesses at fair market values."The first few years were great. I wasn't healed or happy yet, that would come later.That, by the way, was the trigger that started the run that eventually bankrupted Gringotts. I even managed to visit you a few times, making sure you were uncomfortable, or, at least, moderately unhappy. I'm sure my gloating were the high points of each year for you."Harry smirked at Snape when the older man glared at him."My first inkling that something was wrong with the wizarding world came just after I had finished putting up the first anti-muggle ward on Norman's Cay.

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