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I strive those of you who are willing to seek more open ended frames of mind to dive deep into the tone shift right smack in the middle of the lyrics: But i'd trade it all For just a little bit of Piece of mind.While Maynard is, perhaps with some certainty, describing child abuse and/or other sexual acts (open, not my interpretation, yet not my field of study either) in the first half of the lyrics, these few lines indicate a shift from physical realizations and/or experiences to mental ambiguities that develop further in the last half of the lyrics.Have a listen to the live version featuring Aloke Dutta. Also don't disregard Maynard's intro when he asks you to go to a comfortable yet vulnerable place.

It illustrates an inner turmoil between instant gratification, pain, and responsibility.

Hence, they don't even have this one simple thing that had sustained them far beyond the end of the genuine emotions that once existed.

The video ends with both of their hardened clay-like bodies sitting on the bed, as if trapped in that moment forever.

Maynard's mother suffered from an aneurysm when he was 11 henze the song "Jimmy" when he moved out to Ohio he was in a constant tug of war and victim of abuse from his father or father in law not certain but this is his rehash of the memories where he doesn't want to enter them or "they may both disappear." He has lately stated that it was the best move he could've ever made to move to Ohio.

I don't understand that but I didn't live his life.

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