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The base was formerly a National Guard base that has grown to fit the needs of the Denver military area after Peterson AFB was closed.The base is the home of 460th Space […]Camp Murray is next to the Joint Base Lewis-Mc Chord in Washington.The local authorities have gained the control over the base in 2002, after an agreement between them and the government.Before 2002, the base was known as Brooks Air Force Base.It is a little over 6 km far from Yigo, in the northern part of Guam.Guam is a territory run by a civilian government, but still belonging to the United States […]Andrews Air Force Base, located in Prince George County, Maryland, is one of the most well-known Air Force Installations in the United States.

History of the allied base The Aviano Air Base […]Bagram Air Base is operated jointly by the United States Army and Air Force. Coalition Forces and civilians complete the constitution of the base.

The Air Force today maintains a commitment to keeping global vigilance, reach and power.

The Air Force is considered to be the “Defenders of the Skies” and rightfully continues to retain superiority over the skies through scientific and technological advancements propelling them further in air, space, and cyberspace.

For years, even before the Air Force became its own separate branch, many service members insisted that the military needed a special school that would be focused solely on training the future Airmen of the United States.

It wasn’t until 1947, when the Air Force began being recognized as its own branch of the military, […]Aitos Logistics Center is one of the multitude of military bases run by the United States of America on foreign territories.

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