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I grew up with parodies, like most people in my age demographic, namely things like Airplane! For a long time, now, the genre has become ripe with gross-out humor, stereotype playups, and bad writing.

Things like Not Another Super Hero Movie, Haunted House, and so on, and so on, have given medium to bad comedy writers to apply their would-be trades.

Some have surprised us, some have vehemently disappointed us, but almost all have left an impression. No, really, sit back and try to count all the references to other movies that are made here.

The movie in question today falls well within the ‘disappointed’ category of the list. We start with an instant jab at Warm Bodies, a zombie narrating his life, but with half the delivery and even less comedy, and none of the charm.

There is also Sue-Lin, the group’s mystical Asian woman, there is also a promiscuous groovy chick (whose name I forget) and then you have Molly, the overweight woman who is pregnant with Horace’s spawn and the cute mute Carrie, played by an uncredited Lynn Lowry in her screen debut!

It’s a diverse group and everyone is here to stereo-typically represent everyone!

Ah, good thing they decided to get some food from the Exposition Bakery!After some exposition that I don’t remember, mainly because I was bored out of mind, somehow we end up at a farm with what’s supposed to be a creepy old couple, Book of Eli meets another The Walking Dead reference, and here’s where the rest of the movie plays out.We end this movie with scenes of people getting stoned, smashing things, a character trying desperately to get laid, and the whole thing ending with some really nonsensical stuff.Some folks might get a rise out of it, even a few laughs, but I just couldn’t find the funny. But, who is going to inform us about these evils and the destruction they cause, leaving people’s lives in shambles? The title was actually thought up by the film’s producer in order to sell it as a double feature, as it played alongside .For this reviewer, the long and distinguished line of parodies has come grinding to a halt. I guess something like “I Accidentally Drank Rabid Dog’s Blood and Now I Have Rabies” isn’t nearly as catchy.

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