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Michael was born in Hanford, California and was a Cub Scout in Hanford and in Armona, California before attending Hanford High School and Reedley College.

Richard earned his Eagle Scout rank in Troop 4 in Fresno.

If you wish me to attach pictures of the card, please let me know (and also how to attach them )Hi ovosomnes Glad that the information you found here was useful. The stamp was intended for use on postcards only, and should have been delivered through the Universal Mail facilities.

I actually bought the magazine for the article on Abu Dhabi in the independent period...

This one is postmarked 'Singapore 'There are no stickers on the picture side (which seems to be more recent practice).

I was also keen to send letters bearing the correct letter rate stamps from the alternative postal operators (those who don't use NZ Post as the carrier, e.g. I found it impossible to buy letter rate stamps from shops or the other normal outlets.

In fact I got blank looks from most people I asked.

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