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But I was just curious how much is going rate this time I don't want take them. I told her I been Kenya 3 times before and explain some things I know about kenyan tribes, she was quiet impressed about it. The ladies here are older between 30-50 year (not my cup of tea) I ask austalian guy how much most of girls asking here for short time?After I walk on sukhumvit road saw one cute black girl. He told me 1500 but I have a feeling they go for 1000.She then just smiled at me and then came and sat next to me.This time I bought a drink to see why she came back after she paid 2000 baht of her own money to go home.

The food and drink bill, which I took care of, came to only 500 baht.

Upon entering the lobby, the receptionist did not even blink an eyelid. In the room paid them upfront and opened the bottle of beer.

One of the had the perfect boobs I have seen in the entire mongering career. Try threesome as chances of hitting jackpot is high. Being Indian and paying 3000 Baht the lady said you are not like other Indian. But paying bit more ensures your chances of having a great night. It is amazing how their minds work so well on some things and totally blank on others. Only had WGs buy me a drink in return after I tell them I am just chilling and they can come and go as they please, as if they need my permission.

Guys, Planning to be in Bangkok 28-31 July and someone tipped me off that 28th is the Kings birthday but as it is a Saturday the public holiday will be on Monday 30th. Check in at hotel take a shower and go straight to blowjob bar (miss proper blowjobs).

I am coming from out of town so can those in the know tell me the consequences. Does that mean bars close at midnight on 29th also or just no bars on the night of 30th. If I meet some girl before that day will she be happy I arrange to meet her on 30th to fuck her or do they not like to get fucked on that day by naughty foreign guys? I choose wooden BJ bar because I never checked it before and it was 20 metres away from my hotel.

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