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needs to take Lincoln to the dance, she texts Marisa in what she needs to wear and she flies in with a bunch of dresses, happy for K.

She hides in the girls bathroom and pretends to be prepping herself for 30 minutes, but fails.

Also, not a single credible entertainment outlet has suggested there’s a romance between the pals.

Stone and Miller aren’t battling over a mutual friend.

Later, when she went to a sushi bar, she discovered K. Marisa has beautiful long blonde hair and blue eyes.

C to get rid of the photo in order to keep her secret safe, believing some crooks could recognize her, but Marisa revealed to have more than one copy.

They are shown to be on friendly terms with each other, though not much is known about their friendship. Ernie is shown to have a crush on Marisa and it is possible that she returns his feelings.

and Brett: The Final Chapter - Part 2, he had saved Marisa when they were getting attacked and Marisa said that he looked cute.

“But even he’s been shocked by how many options he’s getting.Generally, he seems to have the upper hand and doesn’t have to do much chasing.” The supposed source further contends “there’s chemistry” between Theroux and Miller, “but Emma has major feelings for Justin.” The questionable tipster concludes, “There’s a real chance someone is going to get hurt.” This storyline simply isn’t accurate, considering that the three stars are all friends.Neither actress has a romance with the “Leftovers” actor, nor is either one pursuing one.Kelly Slater -- the Michael Jordan of surfing -- is about to tell the world who the best celebrity surfer around is ... but the first name out of his mouth was Victoria's Secret and SI Swimsuit model, Marisa Miller. Marisa's a legit real deal shredder, but we'd be lying if we didn't say some of the google results we got were kinda distracting from our research. We had to surf talk with Kelly when we got him out in NYC promoting his Outerknown clothing line, and wanted to know who the world's most famous surfer is ... Our guys gave Kelly a lot of options, like Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffett, and Eddie Vedder ...

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