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D., UCSD Developmental Neuroscience Lab With Funding From: M. All of the assessments are safe, non-invasive measures that we have used in previous studies in our laboratory to test infants in the general population. In addition to helping our understanding of neurodevelopmental disorders, participants benefit from state-of-the-art assessment techniques and feedback from clinical researchers. A network of leading autism researchers from across the country are participating in the largest, real-time research study to investigate early risk factors for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).The assessments are carefully designed to assess specific brain and behavioral systems believed to be impaired in children with autism. EARLI will follow up to 1200 pregnant women from 20 or less weeks of pregnancy up to the new babys 3rd birthday.

Researchers at the Kennedy Krieger Institute are recruiting healthy, typically developing children and young adults between the ages of 3 to 20 years to participate in a study investigating the relationship between genes and brain development.Participants Needed: California - Posted 2/06/05 Research Volunteers Needed at the M. Specifically, the Celeste Foundation will examine the potential of interactive video systems for augmenting “Early Intervention” strategies in support of children diagnosed within the autism spectrum disorder. Phone: 860.486.3518, Project phone: 860.486.5767 or 2538Email: [email protected] detection of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is crucial for early intervention and hence optimal outcome.Involvement includes a single 1 hour appointment with completion of developmental questionnaires by parents, non-invasive 3D image of your childs head, and a simple blood draw. Institute, research on neurodevelopmental disorders is conducted in three primary areas: behavioral, biological and intervention studies. If a child fails the screening, the parent is called and asked about the failed items.If a genetic variation of interest to our study is found, you may be contacted for further participation. If the child still fails, the family is offered a free developmental and diagnostic evaluation at the University of Connecticut, at the Yale Child Study Center, or in a Springfield, Ma. This evaluation is done within a few weeks, bypassing the waiting lists at the evaluation sites.

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