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Hingis, during one of several comebacks (the Barbra Streisand of tennis, she is in the midst of another), once tested positive for cocaine.

How tennis has retained any part of its image as an effete leisure pursuit pays tribute to the enduring hold on the national consciousness of Edwardian light comedy, and the stock scene in which one chinless wonder sidles through the drawing room doors, insouciantly waving a racket, to invite another to make up a foursome on the lawn.

The first is Pete Sampras and the second is Martina Hingis. Hingis was the one to suggest they team up (“He’s too nice a guy to approach, so I had to take the first step”) and, despite not having played together before this year’s tournament, she and Murray have developed…

In fact, at the age of 36, this year she intends to win the mixed doubles for a second time, and her new partnership with Jamie Murray is being described as a perfect match.

The senior Tomic has also been observed giving his son a whack, though he came to the boy’s defence in this instance.

The only thing that I think is unfair is when the crowd steps in between serves or are still shouting when players are serving.

A similar thing happened in Serbia and Argentina, a very enthusiastic crowd.

I deploy that “may have been” judiciously because the facts remain sketchy and contested, one Thibault Hutin alleges that his estranged wife Martina Hingis, her mother Melanie Molitor and the latter’s boyfriend recently stormed the erstwhile marital home, impounded his passport, and beat him with a novelty weapon (a DVD player).

Hutin, a French equestrian who may have offended Hingis by sourcing the brevity of their wedlock to her infidelities, also claims that he subsequently received a text message threat to “send the Russians after me”.

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