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July 02, 2018 by Claudia Kienzle With modified street cars racing each other around a track at 60 mph—and winners judged on style rather than speed—Formula Drift is not NASCAR.

Nor does it attract the massive audiences or big network TV deals of NASCAR. June 13, 2018 ## *Untethered video production over Wi Fi* Vendor and integrator [Mobile Studios](https:// has introduced two [Spark Mount™ accessory kits](https:// to support New Tek...

So it was their choice if you still want to marry despite the condition! We are not rich, but my family lives comfortably, and we were brought up to be independent.

Unless they slipped it in the wedding vows without him noticing, ‘…to have and to hold, to pay Lola’s medical bills…wait, WHAT THE F#%! Meaning, if you want to do something, you work for it, and you shouldn’t depend on anyone else to just give it to you!

If everyone was rich, who would clean the streets, or do menial tasks that no one else wants to do?

Ahh western-style economics, making sure we always have someone poor enough to sweep the streets!

In fact, Jon keeps asking me about how he can get a permanent resident’s visa in the Philippines.

Ok, so they have more ‘free countries’ than us, but it balances out, because when they pay, they pay big!

Also, if you travel in mostly Asian countries, having a Filipino passport has way more advantage than his, he has to pay more than me!

Yes, there are perhaps some Filipinas who have this reason but not in most cases!

I was already travelling on my own long before I met Jonathan (well, I’ve met Jonathan while travelling! Jonathan and I are both long-term travellers and us living and settling down in the UK couldn’t be further from our minds.

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