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had the opportunity to ask Mir Imran, Chairman and CEO of Rani Therapeutics, some questions about the technology.Mir Imran is a prolific inventor of medical devices and has founded more than 20 life sciences companies.The idea is that the pill allows biological drugs, such as proteins, that would otherwise be destroyed in the stomach and intestine, to be delivered orally.This means that patients don’t have to undergo painful injections.When it reaches the intestine, the balloon inflates, prompting needles made of bioabsorbable materials — such as sugar — to be injected in the intestinal wall.

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The pill protects the drug inside itself until it reaches the intestine, where needles made of sugar emerge from the pill and inject the drug directly into the wall of the intestine.

Sometimes I discover problems through my own experience or from friends, and in other cases, I learn about problems through other sources.

In the case of Rani, I heard from a friend in the world of big pharma that pharma companies spent billions of dollars over the past 40 years trying to convert injectable drugs into pills.

By the time I actually had started my formal engineering training, I had probably a dozen years of hands-on experience.

As a college student, I had an experience that would change the course of my life and led me to the work I do today.

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