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In the Mueller farce, the Dems decided that the smart play was to publicly run interference for creepy weirdo Peter Strzok when he went on national TV doing his impression of Lotion Boy from those Trump voters smell like? How did Trump luck out by getting such hopeless geebos for opponents? At every turn, these dummies choose to lock themselves into the most implausible and indefensible positions imaginable, then push all their chips into the center of the table.

It’s almost supernatural – maybe Trump won the intervention of some ancient demon by heading over to the offices of the and snatching away one of its Never Trump scribblers to use as a virgin sacrifice.

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The establishment instead insists on telling Americans that up is down, black is white, and girls can have penises. No wonder the Normals have gotten militant, and no wonder a leader like Donald Trump came along with the vision to exploit the opening the establishment left for an outsider to rise and prevail by embracing the obvious.

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The Dems ought to be required to report everything they have done lately to the Federal Elections Commission as an in-kind donation to the Republicans in 2018.

How did this guy win, and in doing so crush the avatar of the establishment, the smartest woman in the world, Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit?

One of his secrets to success is really no secret at all. Unlike our exhausted establishment, Trump rarely holds to bizarre, indefensible positions.

You would think that would be an instinctive thing for politicians of both parties – “’” – but it isn’t.

Instead, the establishment has somehow talked itself into taking positions that are so clearly ridiculous that Normals scratch their heads, baffled at what they are being told by their betters via the lapdog liberal media. The entire foreign policy establishment is scandalized that Trump says he expects the Europeans to cover their fair share of the NATO nut.

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