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Lieberman, in many ways, represents an Orthodox Judaism of decades past, one which integrated more seamlessly than today's Orthodoxy with mainstream, secular society.

Orthodox Jews since the 1970s have grown greatly in numbers, self-confidence, and public profile; at the same time, they have shifted to the right socially and religiously, refusing to make what they see as the compromises that their parents' and grandparents' generations made to fit into American society.

The mantra of Modern Orthodoxy was for generations expressed in the motto of Yeshiva University — Torah u'Madda.

The phrase literally means "Torah and science," but is used to convey the parallel values of Jewish observance alongside engagement with the secular world.

When Connecticut senator Joseph Lieberman became the Democratic vice presidential candidate in 2000, the public suddenly turned its attention on Orthodox Judaism, with pundits and journalists explaining the dos and don'ts of Shabbat and dietary laws.

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Religious book and CD publishing is thriving and an industry of Jewish-items producers seems to make observance ever-simpler, with innovations such as a snap-together sukkah, Shabbat-friendly kitchen appliances, and Passover-kosher food from pizza to granola bars to hamburger buns.Traditional religious groups tend to be more aggressive — and successful — in proselytizing for new members.While Orthodox Judaism rejects proselytizing non-Jews, it does embrace kiruv, the concept of working to convince non-observant Jews to adopt a more traditional lifestyle.And the Orthodox Jewish lifestyle is easier than ever before.The affluence most Jews have achieved — together with changing societal norms — makes working on Shabbat less of a necessity.

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