Moon dating agency

The day was special and absolutely perfect.” “Without Drawing Down the Moon, I would’ve carried on going to bars and talking to people who weren’t really right for me,” Daniel said in his success story.

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“I am pleased to say that we got married last month.That matchmaker has final say in all matches so it’s important they know as much as they can about the person.“Working at Drawing Down the Moon as a matchmaker allows me to play a key part in helping people create the right opportunities to meet that special someone,” wrote Senior Matchmaker and Date Coach Lizzee Fearnly in her bio.The capable team has matched tens of thousands of people who are now in happy relationships and marriages.“Drawing Down the Moon has always been known as the thinking person’s matchmaker,” Gillian said.

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    By special request, they can offer a weekend of company so just give us some notice and we are sure we can arrange it. While this is fine by us, we recommend checking the website to see who is available today so you have an idea who we may suggest.

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