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Indeed, considerable effort was required of Joseph Smith and the translation was a genuine translation of what had been written rather than what someone had thought.

Joseph had been given a divine tool and gift to allow him to translate, but the human factor was not eliminated.

Names in many languages are ambiguous and difficult to translate with certainty. The difficulties of assigning and translating animal names are illustrated by the example of the Spaniards in dealing with American animals. Likewise, bisons were called "cows," turkeys were called "peacocks," antelope were described in terms of sheep, and the tapir was described in one source as "a species of buffalo of the size and somewhat looking like an ass" (Sorenson, ).

For example, the Hebrew word for horse, "sus," has a root meaning of "to leap" and can refer to other animals as well - including the swallow. Bishop Landa called a Yucatan deer a "kind of little wild goat" (Sorenson, Ensign, Oct. The Spaniards called the prickly pear a "fig" and used "plum" (ciruelo) to name a native non-plum species, while some Spaniards used "wheat" (trigo) to name American maize (ibid., p. The Nephites and Jaredites might have made similar name assignments to species they encountered in the New World.

As with the Bible, there are some complex issues that require some exploration. This supplements my LDSFAQ page, "Problems with the Book of Mormon," part of a suite of "Frequently Asked Questions about Latter-day Saint Beliefs." Also see Book of Mormon Evidences. In other cases, critics rely on the argument of silence to prove a negative.

This work is solely the responsibility of Jeff Lindsay. Just because ancient remnants of camels and lions have not (yet) been found in Israel does not prove that they were never there.

The names of several animal and plants species mentioned in the Book of Mormon are said to be anachronistic or anomalous (i.e., they were not found in the New World before Columbus).

Our word for hippopotamus literally means "river horse," which is what the Greeks called that animal.

But the hippopotamus is totally unrelated to horses.

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