My best friend is dating my sister

She defied medical expectations and continued to live.In the fall, unbeknownst to Sharon, Paula requested permission for physician-assisted suicide, which has been legal in California since the California End of Life Option Act went into effect in June 2016.What do you say when you are about to meet someone for the first – and last – time, because she is scheduled for a physician-assisted suicide in 72 hours?

Why should I stay the course when the end I desire is in any event inevitable?Its proponents refer to it as “medical aid in dying,” and it is currently legal in six states.When Sharon discovered the request had been approved, she was distraught.Sharon and Paula shared such confidences in those final days, with each discovering how deeply each one had comforted and supported the other.Paula bluntly told Sharon that without her visits, she would have died long before.

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