Nasty chat lines

I never had time to re-tie because the Quiver Spoon was already keeping me busy enough.My fishing partner Jon was in the next shelter over and had decided to stick strictly with the panfish setup he’d been using all day.That was encouraging too, so he stuck with the Tungsten Bug and waxworm combo.The next fish that struck his lure was a Bluegill, not a Walleye and guess what; his next 5 fish were all nice Bluegills.

Closer to home, we’ve found 12 to 13 inches of ice on smaller, deeper lakes near Grand Rapids.The fish were very selective about which lures would trigger them to bite.For me, observing the lop-sided nature of that feeding run was the most interesting part of our experience; here’s what happened.During the period from PM to PM the images on my screen were exactly the same as those I’d been watching all day.The difference during that hour was that whenever small groups of fish appeared on my screen, they’d come to the bait and strike, instead of swimming away.

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