Nintex error updating a list item minerva ohio dating

One of the datatypes available in Share Point is “Hyperlink or Picture”.

When editing an item in a list via the usual data entry form, you can set the value of the Hyperlink field with both the Web address and the description that you want people to see instead of the Web address.

Firstly, since there is the single condition limitation, and in this scenario, we have 4 fields that we want to potential wait for.

More precisely, we want our workflow to wait until any one of those four fields is changed. This field changes automatically, every time an item changes.

A comparison operator and a value must be specified.

Firstly, we initialize our variable (text variables). The reason we have a Loop, is because inside that loop, we have your Wait for Item Update action that will wait until the Modified field is changed.

Here is what happens as the workflow starts : Now if we change the Title field, this is what the workflow status looks like: Notice how the Wait for Item Update action completed and then it went to the Run If.

The Run If ran, but the condition wasn't met, so the inside action (Set Variable) didn't run and therefore the workflow went back around the loop, and is now back at the Wait For Item Update action.

When you add an Update List Item action to a Share Point Designer workflow the following phrase appears: in the phrase for the Share Point Designer action, the Update List Item dialog box appears.

You can use the Update List Item dialog box in a Share Point Designer workflow to update an existing item in a Share Point list or a Share Point document library.

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