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I will be covering all the basics on this mod and will please ask you to first, go to this website:forum.and register. Don't worry, I will include a brief description on what the file does.

It's free and I believe it is required to view all the forums I will be linking to showing good mods/models/scripts/maps/etc. I will not link to any inappropriate material, and most of the things will be highly rated by the folks at Facepunch.

I have decided that I think there needs to be a topic that contains basically everything about it in one topic.

Most of these will be off of the Gmod Wiki, here: and may be modified to let learning them be a little easier.

To access these options, you have to click and hold the Q button.

This should be basic knowledge, but while holding down Q, use the mouse to select these tools/options. Tools(alphabetical order): Axis: This is used to make an object be on an axis at a given point.

Use the primary fire to select where you want the axis to be on an object, then fire at another object to create an axis between the two.

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