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" And into his care we released our mismatched luggage.

The view from the Top of the Rock I never did find a tourist attraction deal.

Prices were hovering around 0/night (an exceptional deal for December in Manhattan), but I wavered, and 36 hours later they jumped. Soaked, chilled, and already aching, we pushed through the Nolitan's double red doors and were embraced by a blanket of warm air.

Before admitting defeat, my intrepid fiance called the hotel directly and found that if you pay upfront for your whole stay instead of at its end, you eke out a 10 percent discount. A wide-smiling attendant said, "Welcome to the Nolitan, may I take that for you?

This is a multi group event open to all Game of Thrones fans.

It is not meant to be age specific or gender balanced..

"It's like we have a brunch opportunity in the way West 30s, so, great, let's build a whole day around that," he said. If we'd have to sacrifice clean logistics and a few reputable proprietors to save some cash, so be it. We decided on a bare-bones wish list — a couples massage, at least one Big Apple-specific attraction, several "good" meals, a three-night hotel stay, and a Broadway show — and after a few tentative purchases, I was committing to discounted deals with abandon.Why not just make like tourists for a few days in our own city, New York? Besides, his new employer had offices in New York, which instilled in us a wild (and irrational, it turns out) optimism about how temporary this separation would be.But as weeks turned into months and full seasons passed, our separate living situations grew roots.My wardrobe consumed the vacant hangers of our once-shared closet like an invasive species.Ronnie sectioned off a shelf and the left-side crisper in his apartment's communal fridge for his milk, eggs, and broccoli.

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