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Teens may make bad food choices when they are upset, depressed, or anxious, turning to cookies, candy bars, and potato chips for comfort. Problems with your thyroid gland may result in weight gain, but this is not a common ailment.In addition, weight gain is one of the side effects of certain medications, like corticosteroids. Today, most experts believe that body mass index (BMI) gives a more accurate picture of health.“XL Love,” with its portrait of sexual dysfunction and loss of intimacy, shows us one of the saddest.If you're a teen who's overweight, you're certainly not alone.Much of the time, being overweight stems from a combination of poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle.That means a lifestyle with too much time spent in front of the computer or TV screen and too little time being physically active.From 1980-2010, the number of obese American children aged 6-11 more than doubled, from 7% to 18%.While childhood obesity can presage a host of problems, greatly increasing the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes, less discussed is the effect it will eventually have on a person’s sex life.

Edward Karpman, a California urologist, says in the book.A 2006 study even found that “one out of three obese women said that because of her weight, she ‘usually or always did not enjoy sexual activity, had little sexual desire, experienced difficulty with sexual performance and avoided sexual encounters.’” The news is little better for heavy men.While overweight boys might not have the depth of challenges overweight girls do, once into adulthood — where 80% of those boys will remain overweight — the extra weight creates similar feelings of inadequacy, along with unique and troubling problems of their own.Girls are particularly at risk for being overweight as they move through the teen years -- a time when they typically become less active. If one or both of your parents are overweight or obese, the chances are higher that you will follow in their footsteps.Sometimes, emotional distress can result in excess fat.

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