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We’ll share more information when this begins testing later this year,” the announcement continues.

That means you’ll at least have some amount of privacy on your dating profile, but it begs the question of why users wouldn’t just continue using apps like Tinder, which already use Facebook data to fill out your profile.

The site’s poster photo depicted a real-life couple from North Carolina; Jodi Riddleberger and her husband, William Barrett Riddleberger.

The couple are pretty active conservatives, having helped form back in 2010 the Tea Party-inspired “Conservatives for Guilford County” PAC.

During the F8 developer conference keynote today, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be launching a dating feature.

It offers options only for straight men and women, groups all Asians under one category, and features a convicted sex offender on its homepage. Being a Trump supporter must make things particularly difficult when you’re dating.

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But anyway, the point is, the dating life must be rough if you’re wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

So to help ease all that existential loneliness, singles in every red state must be pleased to hear there’s now a dating site tailored after all their ideological desires.

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