Paranoid schizophrenia and dating elucidating mechanism of drug induced toxicity

For all I know, he might not be in the right frame of mind right now to deal with any emotional relationship on any level (including friendships).

Give him a lot of spacve and don't halt your life on his behalf. You should remain in contact but - again - please don't halt things in your life. Kevin I guess it all comes down on how committed you are to this relationship.

During an episode, it is very important that we have someone who can connect with us, that we trust, to TELL US, when we are sick.My friend has paranoid schizophrenia and we had a little relationship when we first met.He dumped me after 2 weeks when his paranoid thoughts came back.He told me hes not good enough for me because of his mental issues but i reassured him that im ready for whatever comes our way. What are the odds of him having a real relationship with his issues?Developing trust with such a person might be one of the most difficul things you could ever do.

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