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Given that he has an entire room full of Peaveys and is a contributing Editor to several Guitar Publications, I will go on what he is telling me. Zack And I replied with this: Hi Zack: I hope you won't be offended when I say you've got your information really mixed up! I, too, have an entire room full of Peavey Wolfgangs and have communicated frequently with Peavey about their various origins.For example, there was no official Wolfgang model called a "Standard" or "Standard Deluxe." Those terms were adopted by Wolfgang owners but never used by Peavey.Again it may be a coincidence but it seems to work for my guitars based on what I know about them. I guess Peavey does Like I said, the info from Wikipedia is pure crap.Someone was making stuff up (further evidenced by the fact that they called the arch top model a "Standard," which was never an official term used by Peavey--only one adopted by owners). I've ALWAYS accurately dated my Wolfgangs through Peavey; and while those numbers coincidentally work out with a few of them, it doesn't with all of them.On Bretts Black Pat Pending that would mean that his was the 4630th Wolf produced. GRAB A COLLECTOR'S GUITAR THAT WILL ONLY GO UP IN VALUE!Their is some bullshit going on at Peavey with the serial numbers as they have been saying for quite a few years now that they can only find the numbers from 02 on, but I had a hook up until last year who I would call and get the month and year on any Wolf I asked about. I wrote him this message: Hi: This is NOT a prototype Peavey Wolfgang, nor is a first year model or custom shop model.

Again it may be a coincidence but it seems to work for my guitars based on what I know about them. I guess Peavey does My patent pending serial # starts with 9100 like yours Brett (Meaning made in 97 or 98) my other wolfgang starts with 9102 and I believe it was made in 2000 so that supports the theory I found on Wiki.The first two digits are always "91" and then two more digits indicate the year, with "00" indicating the first year of production (actually, late 1997 and all of 1998), "01" for 1999 and so on.The last four digits indicate the production order for that specific year.Good news is with that serial number it is definitely American. I'm trying to figure out a manufactured date on a PV Wolf Special US I got used a couple years ago. I've heard there's really no rhyme or reason to Peavey's serial numbers (for dating anyway). It is (in all likelihood) either a 2003 or 2004 model.The Peavey forums say that they are currently unable to decode serial numbers on older stuff. Almost all Peavey Wolfgangs manufactured started with a serial number of "91." This only changed shortly after Peavey moved all of their manufacturing to Meridian.

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