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Hendri, as he's called, is an obsessive chronicler of his adventures.

He takes mental notes that he'll later type into his laptop journal. Coetzee unzips his bag, packs his boat, and slips back into the barreling 20-foot standing waves and terminal ledge holes. Statistically, hippos may be the most dangerous animals in Africa, known to bite a man in half as the penalty for trespassing. I had kept my helmet on my deck for just such an emergency, hoping that I wouldn't have to test this flimsy theory. A few seconds later I look back; the croc is still coming hard, but at least it's a race.

South Africa has switched to a closed numbering system.

Within South Africa, from 16 January 2007 it became mandatory to dial the full 10 digit telephone number including the zero in the three-digit area code even for local calls (for example: 011 must be dialled from within Johannesburg).

The cellular prefixes as above are therefore not strictly applicable anymore although they remain mostly unchanged.

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He's a former South African Defence Force medic and a giant in the world of whitewater exploration, having organized and led a historic source-to-sea descent of the Nile in 2004.

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Though he's charismatic and charming, the kind of guy who changes the gravity in any room he enters, he now prefers to travel alone.

Four elite teams have descended Murchison's two-day section of Class V water before now, and Coetzee was on three of them.

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