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There is a lot of talk about individual types of these planes being better than others (particularly type 11).

In my experience most any type as long as they were made before late 1950s will do just fine.

Also note, a new Stanley must be thought of as a kit, similar to picking up an old one, that will need work to get it into "working" shape.

The sole won't be flat, the chip breaker won't fit properly, and you may need to do some filing at the frog to get it to seat properly.

To make one work well is not too hard if you know what to look for and how to deal with the problems you might find.

There is also a lot written about restoring them and tuning; videos you can buy too.If you go with Miller Falls, Sargent or even Dunlap or Sears/Wards (these are sargent or miller falls made) you can get them even cheaper. The Lee Valley & Lie-Nielsen planes are great but they are not 3-4 times better than the old ones like the price would indicate and you will still have to fettle them (ie tune them up) for peak performance.I personally don't see why anyone buys them but a lot do.Buying individual parts can get expensive, a lot of times you pick up a broken plane with parts you need cheaper than buying an individual piece.On the flipside, I would not buy a NOS in the original box plane for a user, let the collectors fight over those.

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