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As for the hut bases Peterhead is listed as being one of the next places to have TARA imagery released on the CANMORE site. It stems from a lot of issues, primarily the fact that contemporary records used the Cassini grid which was the predecessor of the modern OS grid but bears no relation to it, so conversions are often incorrect.

You'll be able to see what was there when that happens. Interesting to see the concrete remains near the mast too. Also most sources only use a 6 figure reference which automatically induces a possible error of up to 200m and lastly the fact that the survey took place before GPS was prevalent so volunteers who checked the sites estimated their locations off the standard OS maps and often got it wrong or transposed numbers.

But there is now way Mr Farmer would have been building a road of this quality in the sand dunes, and I can't see any reason either why there would have been a substantial reinforced concrete barn down by the beach either.

So I think I'm right in assuming the demolished building was military in origin. There are only one or two listed on the CANMORE site for this stretch of coast.

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DOB database doesn't seem to have recorded much in the way of beach defenses up my way, and I suppose eventually they'll all be buried and lost to living memory. Some of you might remember I went to investigate a "Radio Mast" a while back.

The pillboxes are all, and I'm sure somebody will tell me if I'm wrong, type 22's. Which actually turned out to be just a wooden pole dating back to WW2. t=7842 So I had a poke about the area since I was there anyway, and it looks as if there were quite a few buildings there from the same era.

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