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“Even though the cleanup of Acid Brook Delta and Pompton Lakes is long overdue it is not being done properly.

What we are more concerned about is the toxic plume that is under 450 homes.

P.: Pompton Lakes DPW is seeking applicants 18 years and older to perform general laborer duties to include, but not limited to, mowing, landscaping, fie...

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The toxic chemicals on Acid Brook Delta and the area around it have been leaching into the Pompton River right above major water supply intakes.

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Everyday this contamination is threatening the public health and environment.” The New Jersey Sierra Club believes the entire Du Pont site needs to be cleaned up.“Given the size and complexity of the contamination of this site and the failure of the DEP to do its job, this should be listed as a Superfund Site.The problem we have with the Du Pont site is that EPA should be the lead instead of the DEP.This site deserves a timely and complete cleanup because the community deserves it.This area is contaminated with mercury, which easily bio-accumulates building up in fish threatening the public health.

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