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While they are not demons, the Incubators have been another group that the cup brothers dislike heavily.

They feel pity for those who were tricked into making a contract with them.

Their tale has taught many about gambling and how it can mess up your life. Given their own experience, both siblings refuse to get near the House of Demons in fear that the Devil would be present wanting revenge for what they did to him.

There were many different incarnations of Satan in there but none were the Devil from Inkwell Isle so they felt relieved for that but later they learned that a sizable chunk of those demons are planning something for the Cup Bros, which has unnerved them.

Given how many different foes they have faced in their adventures, both Cuphead and Mugman have been weary to meet a few deities who either resemble them or are a direct reference to them , even if the little cups are on better terms with the runaway debtors ever since they burned all the soul contracts.Mugman has made a huge effort in keeping his brother away from the House of Luck and Fortune given that his gambling problem is what caused the whole ordeal with the Devil in the first place.Both brothers were also startled when they came across the D'arby Brothers considering what they do , especially Daniel who resembles King Dice a lot.Jafar was seemingly interested in the powers the two cup boys possessed and tried to ambush them in an attempt to get a better look at them and see if he could steal and harness the brothers' powers for himself.However, the brothers were very familiar with all his tricks after their encounter with Djimmi the Great and beat the ever-loving crap out of Jafar, leaving the battered wizard to crawl away, swearing revenge.

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