Pre cam sex

This makes it impossible for urine to be released during ejaculation.

It is not likely that the fluid is urine, but it might be either pre-cum or ejaculate: Of course there's always the health mantra of "When in doubt, check it out." It's a good idea to have annual health exams, so your partner may wish to see this as a good excuse to go in for a check-up.

Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage?Even if you're an expert with using your elbows and feet to overcome anything that stands between you and the nearest container of soap, there's still the chance that you'll accidentally leave your partner's mark on a surface you touch every day.Regular disinfecting can prevent embarrassment if the CSI crew ever has to come into your house with a blacklight, but thinking about just how much post-hand job semen you've spread around is enough to make even non-germophobes shudder.Women don't exactly have it easy when it comes to genitals, but we don't have to worry about balls touching the inside of the toilet bowl when we poop.If your partner experienced such an unfortunate event or didn't shake off all the pee the last time they took a leak, all that fun stuff is going to end up, yes, on your hands.

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